decorative system

Misting Effects & Decorative System

We produce fog effects and fogging solutions that are used for visual impact or setting a mood or tone for outdoor landscapes and themed environments. Misting fog effects permeate the visual and tactile realm with fog, mist, vapor, smoke and steam effects. In addition, Misting Solutions custom high pressure, pure water fog effects and fogging systems create themed or experience-based environments with careful planning, design and quality engineering.

Misting Solutions fog solutions have been use to highlight architectural elements and focal points such as fountains, ponds, and pools. In addition, water fog systems have been used to produce low lying fog or a background for waterfall and lighting displays.

Misting Solutions designed fog effects and fog systems are characterized as essential elements by special effects professionals, interactive creative teams, and landscape architects when creating unique, inviting, or compelling outdoor ambiances. Our fog effects and fogging systems are used in experience-based exhibits, presentations, themed entertainment, retail centers, resorts, spas & casinos, restaurants, aquariums, zoos, amusement parks, corporate visitor centers, live events and live performance venues, concert settings, and more.