Dust & odor treatment

Misting Solution For Industry

The concentration of dust suspended in air is subject to regulation vis- à- vis the Labour Code. So even when it comes to dust without specific health effects we note a Weighted Average Exposure ( TWA ) related to the duration of exposure. For eight hours , the average value is fixed at 10 mg / m².

If there is no formula for determining the rate of dust suspended in air as a function of ambient humidity , one can easily show that when the humidity is high rate of dust in suspension decreases . Mist Solution provide perfect dust reduction system for your industry and your employes for maximum production results.

For the treatment of odors , we distinguish the products of destructive significant odors that are only likely to truly solve the problems of odor and toxicity.
The high pressure misting achieves optimal exchange surface by generating a fine mist active and very fast reaction kinetics .

The high pressure misting is particularly suitable for treating exhaust gases from smokestacks extraction , drainage pipes , of closed spaces or empty or inhabited areas in the open air.