Misting Fans/Fans




J&D Manufacturing’s Barnstormer is a dependable leader in air recirculation. The patented easy-open a dependable leader in air feature that drastically reduces cleaning and maintenance time.

The Barnstormer’s tapered guard creates a high velocity air pattern that allows greater distance between fans, which means less fans in your barn and more money in your pocket. more…

BASKET FAN – made in USA

J&D Manufacturing’s Deluxe Basket Fan Series combines high output performance, low cost and energy efficiency to give you one of our best valued fan series available on the market today. The High Output Deluxe Basket Fan has a high velocity air pattern with quiet operation. All fans include a heavy duty hot dip galvanized mounting bracket. more…

BASKET FAN 24''/30''/36''

Basket fan

PANEL FAN 50''/55''

Panel fan

 PANEL FAN – made in USA

J&D Manufacturing’s Panel Fan has a rugged x-frame mount with an efficient motor, and a powerful balanced blade that is designed to create air velocity. The cushion-mounted, maintenance-free bearings and heavy-duty automatic belt-tensioning device make this fan one of the highest performing, lowest maintenance, and greatest valued fans on the market! more…

FUNNEL FAN – made in USA

Fiberglass Funnel Fans by J&D Manufacturing are an excellent choice to satisfy your low cost air circulation needs in any market. Each Funnel Fan comes equipped with a maintenance free, energy efficient, variable speed motor and powder coated heavy-duty mounting bracket. The durable fiberglass housing provides increased stability over regular poly funnel fans. more…

FUNNEL FAN 16''/20''

Funnel fan

The Twister is manufactured with a heavy gauge housing and butterfly shutters that open easily on startup, and spring closed when not in use to create a tight weather seal. The Twister is an excellent choice for farms, greenhouses, garages, workshops, hobby shops and a variety of industrial and commercial spaces. more

All these fans products ( Barnstormer, Basket fan, Panel fan, Pedestal fan,  Industrial wall fan …) could be used with or without high-pressure misting system. For more information or more products on cooling fans please contact us